The House Lift

​​The Barton House

​​​​​​The  Barton House

​​​Barton House at the Barton Commons 2017

Barton House 2014

The Plan

​​​​The New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation

.          In September of 2014 a letter was sent to the new owners of the Barton House, Dakota Partners, LLC, stating that the Barton House on East Street is on the endangered list of historic properties of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation. The New Milford Trust invited Dakota to, “Come to our neighborhood and be a part of the preservation of our town, our history and truly partner with us and meet the needs and wants of our community.”  Dakota came to the neighborhood insuring that the Barton House will remain a focal point along East Street

."...Dakota relocated and rehabilitated the existing single-family home that dates back to the mid-1800s. The gut renovation includes removing a rear addition to the building and placing the main body of the house at the front of the site. All work to the existing structure was consistent with the National Park Service’s Historic Guidelines."